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OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS & WRITERS fundraiser night “DEEP TRASH ITALIA#3 is… NOT FOR SALE” at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London (Saturday 29 November 2014)

CUNTemporary is now accepting proposals for the third episode of the unique exhibition and performance club night “Deep Trash Italia”: calling for performances, performative lectures, dance, videos and interactive artworks to be shown on Saturday 29 November 2014. “DEEP TRASH ITALIA is… NOT FOR SALE” will take place at the East London venue Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in support of Archivio Queer Italia – the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism.

We accept proposals by artists of any artistic background and nationality. We are also keen to hear from writers responding to the call either in a written form (theory, auto/biography, poetry or fiction) or through a performative lecture. A collection of texts from this and all other Deep Trash Italia exhibition/club nights will be published in 2015.

This event’s themes are connected to capitalism and the value of money, commerce and production in society. Proposals may include, respond to, be affected by, but not restricted to:

  • Queer-feminist anarchism
  • Queer failures, alternatives to the dominant ideas of success, dethroning the serious
  • Art and post-fordism: branding, market and globalized art
  • Art and the commons: activism and socially engaged practices
  • Objects and the poetics of consumption
  • Non-capitalism and community-based economies
  • Zombies of capitalism: loss of identity and physical slavery
  • Invisibility and working conditions in capitalist societies
  • The socioeconomic implications of affective labour
  • Precarity, unpaid labour and the economic crisis
  • Controversial relations in colonial exploitations
  • The impact of advanced capitalism and biogenetic technologies on humans and environment
  • Pleasure and its discontents: disrupting the neoliberal body
  • (Homo)sexual consumption and technology
  • Can sex work or pornography resist the production-consumption chain?
  • No future: queer perspectives on family and (re)production
  • Subversive motherhoods
  • Mainstreaming subcultures and queer practices

To apply please email Giulia Casalini at info@archivioqueeritalia.com with the heading “DEEP TRASH APPLICATION” and include the following information:

1)      Name and surname

2)      Place of birth (city and country)

3)      Place of residency (city and country)

4)      A written proposal (no more than 500 words) and, if available, images of the work

5)      Website of the artist/collective or portfolio

We will aim to respond to all applications as soon as possible. Selected artists will be notified by Friday, 24 October. Deadline is Saturday, 18 October 2014.

About Archivio Queer Italia

The Archivio Queer Italia (AQI) project was founded by Giulia Casalini (co-director of CUNTemporary) with the support of CUNTemporary in London. AQI is the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism. The two strands of this project consist of:

  1. The incorporation of a database to create a virtual archive of artistic, theoretical and activist expressions related to Italy.
  2. Creating spaces and mobile events for the display of such activities (e.g. art fairs, museums, institutions, street interventions).

Parallel to these activities AQI regularly publishes news on queer and feminist issues and lists events and activities taking place in Italy. AQI also organises “Teoremi”, a bi-annual itinerant performance festival against sexual and gender discriminations in Italy.

Contact information info@archivioqueeritalia.com | www.archivioqueeritalia.com/

FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/1543609005872040