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at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London (Saturday 31 January 2015)

CUNTemporary is now accepting proposals for the fourth episode of the unique exhibition and performance club night “Deep Trash Italia”, recently nominated Live Art Associate UK by the Live Art Development Agency.

Calling for performances, performative lectures, dance, videos and interactive artworks to be shown on Saturday 31 January 2015. “DEEP TRASH ITALIA#4 Carnivalism” will take place at the East London venue Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in support of Archivio Queer Italia – the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism.

We accept proposals by artists of any artistic background and nationality. We are also keen to hear from writers responding to the call either in a written form (theory, auto/biography, poetry or fiction) or through a performative lecture. A collection of texts from this and all other Deep Trash Italia exhibition/club nights will be published in 2015.

Coinciding with the start of the Carnival in Venice, this event’s themes may include, respond to, be affected by, but not restricted to:

  • Feminist reflections on “womanliness as masquerade”
  • How masquerade generates non-binary ideas of gender and sexuality
  • Carnivalism and the disruption of power structures
  • Sonic anarchies: mash-ups and appropriations as critique of neo-liberal culture
  • Subversive drag and anti-drag queens
  • Dissident travesties: strategies for subverting normative discourses
  • Neopaganism and creative synthesis in artistic practices
  • Reconsidering the sacred and the profane in contemporary artwork
  • Carnivalistic misalliances: working through contradictions and paradoxes
  • Non-sense and chaos as carnivalesque strategy

To apply please email Giulia Casalini at info@archivioqueeritalia.com with the heading “DEEP TRASH APPLICATION” and include the following information:

1)      Name and surname
2)      Place of birth (city and country)
3)      Place of residency (city and country)
4)      A written proposal (no more than 500 words) and, if available, images of the work
5)      Website of the artist/collective or portfolio
6)      Up to 5 high res images with credits (for press use)
We will aim to respond to all applications as soon as possible. Selected artists will be notified by Sunday, 28 December 2014. Deadline is Wednesday, 24 December 2014.

About Archivio Queer Italia
The Archivio Queer Italia (AQI) project was founded by Giulia Casalini (co-director of CUNTemporary) with the support of CUNTemporary in London. AQI is the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism. The two strands of this project consist of:

  1. The incorporation of a database to create a virtual archive of artistic, theoretical and activist expressions related to Italy.
  2. Creating spaces and mobile events for the display of such activities (e.g. art fairs, museums, institutions, street interventions).

Parallel to these activities AQI regularly publishes news on queer and feminist issues and lists events and activities taking place in Italy. AQI also organises “Teoremi”, a bi-annual itinerant performance festival against sexual and gender discriminations in Italy.

Contact information
FB EVENT https://www.facebook.com/events/901230889911583/

DEEP TRASH ITALIA#2 – Eurosex Edition

DEEP TRASH ITALIA#2 - Eurosex Edition

Saturday 30 August 2014
DEEP TRASH ITALIA #2 Eurosex Edition
at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, East London
£6 adv. / £8 door
h 18:00-02:00 (last entry midnight)

Following the success of our first event, the Deep Trash Italia fundraiser exhibition-cum-performance-club night gets regular at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s club (back every 3 months with different themes!).

For ONE NIGHT ONLY we will fly you on our special SUMMER TOUR across the best and worse of EUROSEX culture: a ‘Bad Porn Cinema’ room, trashy TV and ‘sex sells’ commercials, dirty games, kitsch and campy aesthetics, vintage soft-porn that will make you LOL, diva fashion, melting popsicles and bikinis… and all the dance and pop music that everybody secretly loves! Get wet and wild for a hot summer night with:

DJs Fantoni & LoGatto and The Coolness pumping the beats of international hits and Italian camp and trash classics, from Disco to the present.

PERFORMANCES (starting at h 19:00): Theatrestate’s Fanny Hill Project, Juntee & Nikko, Giulia Tommasi, Emma Allegretti & Hanna Junti, Jennifer Picken & AnnaMaria Pinaka, VDREY Feat SHULTZ, Leaky Vessels and grand finale with A Man To Pet!

VIDEO, WORKS and INSTALLATIONS: Laura Arend, Lorenzo Belenguer, Alex Brew, Emma Grüner, Lora Hristova, ideadestroyingmuros, Chara Kolaiti, Katie McDougall, Eden Mitsenmacher, Emily Mulenga, Emely Neu, Tatiana Pancewicz, and Klaus Pinter, Yole Quintero and Jasmin Reif.

Time Out (Critics’ Choice) says:
“Pizza. Silvio Berlusconi. Italy’s contributions to history have been
both awesome and… not-so awesome, and this fun-filled night
invites you to celebrate both categories in brilliantly trashy style…
So, head to Bethnal Green and find out what it’s like to live la dolce vita!”

Deep Trash Italia – Eurosex Edition is in support of Archivio Queer Italia – a sister organization of CUNTemporary (London) – the first Italian platform on queer art, theory and activism. Curated by Giulia Casalini with CUNTemporary Team.

Tickets  http://www.workersplaytime.net/TICKETS.htm

Facebook event  https://www.facebook.com/events/834056279947666/

Contact information
info@cuntemporary.org  |  www.cuntemporary.org 

Venue information
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
42-44 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB
0207 739 7170  |  info@workersplaytime.net  |  www.workersplaytime.net

Bollettino Archivio Queer Italia – 25 Marzo 2014

Leggi le news di Archivio Queer Italia cliccando sul link qui sotto (si aprirà il link al bollettino del 25 Marzo 2014).

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Deep Trash Italia


OPEN CALL for CUNTEMPORARY and ARCHIVIO QUEER ITALIA fundraiser night “DEEP TRASH ITALIA” at Bethnal Green working Men’s Club, London (Friday 2 May 2014)

Call for performances, video, artworks and other acts for the fundraiser club night “Deep Trash Italia”, in support of Archivio Queer Italia – a sister organization of CUNTemporary (London), the first Italian platform on queer art, theory and activism. This unprecedented event will take over the epic East London venue Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 2nd May 2014. Curated by Giulia Casalini.

The funds raised for this event will support Teoremi Performance Festival, 12-14 June 2014 (the first Italian festival against discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity) organized by Archivio Queer Italia.

We accept proposals from Italian and non-Italian artists who want to show works around the theme of “Italianness”. Themes include, but are not restricted to: socio-cultural commentary, questions of identity, queer affects, critiques of nationalism, transgender, gender, homosexuality, pornography, minorities and marginalisation, critique of Catholicism, fetishism, racism, violence and the body.

To apply for the event please email Giulia Casalini at info@archivioqueeritalia.com including the following details:

1)    Name and Surname

2)    Place of birth (City and Country)

3)    Place of residency (City and Country)

4)    A written brief proposal (no more than 500 words) and, if available, images of the work

5)    Website of the artist or portfolio

We aim to respond to all applications as soon as possible. Selected artists will be notified by 30 March. Deadline is Friday 28 March 2014.