Tiziana Contino

Nato/a a: Catania, Italia
Residente a: Catania, Italia
Tecnica: Performance
Website / Blog: http://www.tizianacontino.com/TIZIANA_CONTINO_portfolio_eng.pdf

Contino’s artworks are multimedia projects that employ the use of photography, video, multimedia installations and interactive performances in which the audience is invited to synaesthetically and emotively interact. Deeply influenced by the writings of philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, most of her works are centred around the concepts of “nomadic thinking” and “deterritorialization.”

Being these concepts oriented on the analysis of mankind and the way it cohabitates in the world, Contino, with her practice, finds these concepts as the main foundations to link with the idea of transgenderism. For the artist, being trans is the infinite possibility of transitioning from a gender to another as “moments of identity.” Her research is focused on interactive performance as the study of human behaviour to subvert static habits.

Her latest projects aim to reset the distance and scepticism we find in our daily lives and in the relationship with others; they are interactive performances destined to reactivate the contact and/or thought of them.