Stefano Scheda

Nato/a a: Faenza, Italia
Residente a: Bologna, Italia
Tecnica: fotografia, performance
Website / Blog:

I have always tried to catch the ‘short circuits’ of reality without altering their objective appearance. I try instead to let one feel at a second glance their waste, their boss-eye, their elsewhere. Since my first artistic research based on the relationship between body and architecture I have gradually moved to investigating social problematics such as: immigration, racism (Di-visione 2007/2010), fear and threat (Meteo 2004), national identity and the feminine condition (Le sfoglie di Garibaldi 2001) and lately, the problematic gender (Roll n’Roll 2009); installations or performances that often become photographic sequences and videos. The Fuoridentro series, through the recurrent motif of the mirror, involves its audience as being guilty of charge in its provocatory and irritating game. The game’s production is an interrogation on the threshold as changeable aperture-closure of the contemporary gaze. All my work is however created through dynamic ductility and leads to speculating on reality’s own perception and its possible translations; possibly a way of giving the spectator the difficult task of distinguishing illusion from reality. This spatial opposition is not just a physical condition, it is also a spiritual and cognitive one. The performative-relational aspect I have been experimenting in T(r)ATTO is the ideal following to the performance Looking for the body of the Artist, staged by me at the Galleria Martina Detterer of Frankfurt: the naked artist in a dark room as something invisible but tangible by the visitor/explorer.