Nato/a a: Roma
Residente a: Barcellona
Website / Blog:

Slavina is a multimedia artist: she defines her research and creative field as porn activism. She became a video maker at the DIY school of media activism with Candida TV; in the late ‘90s she was involved as photographer and performer in PhagOff, the first queer party in Rome. In 2005 she moved in Spain where she discovered the post-pornography scenery. Since then, her production has grown focusing on body politics and the representation of sexuality. Chasing an impossible balance between art and activism, in her projects (video, theatre, cabaret and workshops) she wants to enhance the political transformation potential of intimacy sharing. Thanks to her effort in networking and translations, she eased the diffusion in Italy of the most interesting works and artists of the Spanish contemporary feminism. She belongs to the collective of directors “Le ragazze del porno” and to the academic research and performative transnational project of Zarra Bonheur.