Silvia Gribaudi

Nato/a a: Torino/Turin
Residente a: Venezia/Venice
Website / Blog:

Roger Salas says about her in the Spanish newspaper El Paìs:”Silvia Gribaudi es una artista singular que cultiva el feísmo y un humor ácido; su llamativo físico ya va a contracorriente” [Silvia Gribaudi is a unique artist who cultivates the ugly-ism and a bitter humour; her showy physique is definitely against the current]

As for Silvia Gribaudi’s A CORPO LIBERO…? Well, what can I write that could possibly do it
justice? It’s a manifesto for emancipation. It’s beautifully, minutely-observed. It’s uplifting,
charming, intoxicating and elevating. And it unabashedly celebrates humanity. And to be
completely honest, I don’t think in the entire festival I’ve seen a more beautiful human being onstage”.

Review by
Duncan Keegan