Sheila Fratini

Nato/a a: Forl
Residente a: Londra, UK
Tecnica: pittura
Website / Blog:

Since I was a childĀ it has been clear to me how colours and images had a real impact on my imagination. The living proof being hundreds of my drawings collected by my family since my very first attempt.
Being born in Italy gave me an immense sense of expressive frustration. Enriching my visual sensitivity like a volcano, an enormous amount of ageless beauty flooded my imagination like a tsunami. All senses attacked, too much to take in, too much to process. A different kind of Stendhal syndrome, one that inspired me to draw, to paint, to visually scream but not to faint.
I continued throughout the years on an exciting journey of self-discovery and visual experimentation made up of drawings, paintings, videos, collages and pictures.
The journey continues….