Sergio Racanati

Nato/a a: Bisceglie, Italia
Residente a: Milano, Italia
Website / Blog: http://momapsorg/studio-visit/artist/sergio-racanati

The center of my work is given by an interest in the social history of man in relation to its urban environment, political and architectural. I analyze the lateral elements forgotten by history; reflecting the relationship between the urban landscape and civil development of man; I question the story of architecture and political community’s behavior studying the relationship between individual memory and collective memory.

A body’s work, but not intimate diary, which eschews any narrative intent to favor an analytical perspective, which aims to build a repository of cultural memory, where to draw references and exemplary to critically review the present time. A research tends towards a critical reading of power systems and the complex reality of the globalized economy. An artistic vision and life that moves within “subcultures of resistance” that intends to resist the massification of urban life, the destruction of the environment and landscape. It’s also act politically through the language of art , when politically assumes the meaning of organization, employment and management of the common, social and collective space.

The contexts that are most involved in my artistic research are “residual”, contexts placed at the edge of the great knowledge production and industrial use as result of ‘”illegal power” and the struggles of speculation about life itself.

The political significance responds to the demands of the “multitude of people” who request the policy of reviewing the dichotomy between public / private, individual vision / collective vision, the same subjects that inspire the contemporary art debate  called “public”.