Nato/a a: Genova
Residente a: Roma
Website / Blog:

Senith is a queer drag performer, curator of workshops and events, and queer activist. Co-founder of Eyes Wild Drag, Senith works with the experimentation with roles, genders and the erotic imaginary, and has contributed to the first performative and critical construction of the Faux Queen in Italy, redrawing the queer imaginary around the feminine/femminile.  Senith has often captured the attention of national and international media. In 2012, she was involved in a international tour that took her in numerous European cities, as well as in the US. She is the artistic director of the festival GendErotica. In 2013, in the occasion of the festival, she organized the first Italian (and European) Fem Conference, which gathered together numerous artists, activists, and academics from various parts of the world. In the same year, the festival was hosted by Arte Fiera in the city of Verona, in the space curated by the organization CUNTemporary. In 2015, the “Erotic Lunch” was then born: a lunch-show dedicated to erotism, of which Senith is performer and art director. In 2016, Senith creates her first solo show, BAD ASSolo. In the same year, she plays a role as co-protagonist in the documentary Al di là dello specchio (Beyond the mirror), by Cecilia Grasso, which features in several festivals both in Italy and abroad. The film won the best direction award at the Newark International Film Festival (USA). Morover, Senith participates to the realization of the work La Luna in Folle by the Italo-Libanese artist Adelita Hosni-Bey (which was selected for the Maxxi Award 2016) by performing at the Museo Nazionale per le Arti del XXI Secolo on the 29th of Sept.