Roberta Orlando

Nato/a a: Genova, Italia
Residente a: Genova, Italia
Tecnica: fotografia, video, sound, digitale
Website / Blog:

Blending the simplicity of images in the continuous quest of experimenting without boundaries, Roberta Orlando creates, elaborates and develops the digital impact of visual communication together with the synchronicity of sound exploring troubled, intimate and reflexive territories as well as observing the sensitivity of bodies, sounds and the environments surrounding the realm of senses. Working with photography, video and live media in Europe and US, Orlando’s main topic of research is focused on performance and gender identity (with particular attention to sexual-orientation discrimination). Her works have been exhibited in various public spaces, art galleries and museum all over Europe (Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Sweden…), USA (New York, Illinois, Florida, California, Pennsylvania) and Canada (Ontario). In 2014 she organised and curated the festival of performance Teoremi with the Archivio Queer Italia and CUNtemporary at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea of Villa Croce in Genova.