Laura Rambelli e Silvia Bigi

Nato/a a: Faenza (RA) e Ravenna, Italia
Residente a: Casal Borsetti e Ravenna, Italia
Tecnica: Disegno, fotografia, installazione, pittura, scultura
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’29 our circled world’ is a project realised by Silvia Bigi and Laura Rambelli and stressing the idea that the femininity and the today’s women’s space needs to be re-found searching for new direction.

The 70’s fights have of course helped to give all the social rights, material goods and space to women, but at the same time, they have created a big distance with their real nature. Women and men are not equals, they are different, but this is no one’s fault, this is not a matter of power. This diversity deeply lives in our body, our circled life, our biological and mental transformations. Our diversity is our strength, and – we think – the real nature and meaning of complementary love with men. It’s time to accept it. It’s time to develop a new way of communicating, really connected with us by stopping the search of this condition of “equality” that doesn’t exist. Women have their strengths, their fears, their pain. Men have their own. Man as a man, woman as a woman. We want to gently take action, without violence or strong speeches, this idea applied to today’s men and women.

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29 Our circled world / 2014