Pierfabrizio Paradiso

Nato/a a: Vercelli, Italia
Residente a: Berlino, Germania
Tecnica: performance
Website / Blog: http://www.pierfabrizioparadiso.com

Artist and performer, Pierfabrizio Paradiso lives and works between Milan and Berlin. He’s  performed for artists such as Lothar Hempel (Giò Marconi, Milano), Ei Arakawa (Artissima 17, Sec. “The Dancers”) and he’s currently working for the Signa dance group (Copenhagen/Volksbühne, Berlin). He holds a diploma at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera [fine art academy of Brera] and he’s mastered in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at Naba in Milan, where he’s tutored projects in the Visual Arts department for a few years.

Central in his work is the reactivation of the usual as something unexpected, the rethinking of the void as a space of possibility for the collective construction of new imaginary in which artist and spectator aren’t holding any definite role – instead, they get involved in an horizontal and mutual exchange between each other.

Vedi Progetti:

(Fe)male / 2007

SomethingLikeThis / 2012

WunderKammer / 2013