Penzo + Fiore Andrea Penzo e Cristina Fiore

Nato/a a: Venezia e Oderzo (Tv), Italia
Residente a: Venezia, Italia e Berlino, Germania
Tecnica: performance, installazione
Website / Blog:

Penzo + Fiore were born as duo in 2009. Their artistic research finds its expression through performance, installation and photography. The focus of their poetics centres on human nature along with its fears, fragilities, perversions, ways of social living and so forth. On the same line, -often in relation with the dichotomy Eros and Thanatos-, the idea of duo is a topic frequently investigated by both and showcased for its diverse sides – amongst contradictions, ambiguities and desires.

Following their shared personal attitude, Penzo+Fiore have brought to life a process of intimate and personal dialogues with people casually encountered within disparate contexts. For the duo, this is a way to force the boundary existing between intimate and public which constitutes the most delicate “crest” of rationality.

Regarding their curatorial projects in collaboration with the Cantiere Corpo Luogo Association, Penzo+Fiore have started several projects out which activate both personal aspects, – such as the research of one’s own -, and public (territorial) ones. They live and work between Venice and Berlin.