Ninas Drag Queen

Residente a: Rho (Milano), Italia
Tecnica: performance, teatro
Website / Blog:

Nina’s Drag Queens is a theatre group born in Milan at Teatro Ringhiera that produces rivista shows, original scripts, classic theatre adaptations and that stages workshops for junior drag and faux queens. According to how they describe their practice, their work is comparable to the figure of the clown: “we wear costumes, full-face make-up and we engage the audience with our comedy.” However, they continue, “it is not all about that: a drag queen, -for our understanding-, not only makes one laugh, it makes them thrilled, disturbed, moved.

We’re imitators before actors. We manipulate what is already in existence. Playback and referencing are thus turned into our expression. It’s a sort of ironic method, which denies itself, which is always as well, carrier of a point of view on what it represents which ultimately generates juxtapositions of sense. We don’t try to represent femininity as much as we try to represent the feminine form, the “woman-image” before the woman herself. “