Nicolò Bruno

Nato/a a: Milano, Italia
Residente a: Basel, CH

I have always considered art as a peculiar narrative and communicative tool, but the more I practice my job, the most I realize that art is actually more than this: it’s a practice of identification.

Recently I have been working on a painting series named “Eudemonologia”, which means the pursuit of happiness, based on a Schopenhauer’s essay. This painting series is populated by human backs with the aim of pursuing a physicality study concerning the human being, which mirrors the famous Latin statement “mens sana in corpore sano”.

While I was working on it, in a moment of reflection between doing and viewing, I found myself alone in a room, in front of dozen of figures standing one next to the other. They weren’t looking at me but they were turning their backs on me, and then I felt like my own work was rejecting its own creator. This amazement, this elusiveness are the real interests behind my research. I believe that art is a slimy, elusive, constantly mutable creature that acts independently from the observer’s will.