Maria Teresa Gavazzi

Nato/a a: Milano, Italia
Residente a: Londra, Italia
Tecnica: performance, fotografia, pittura
Website / Blog:

Originally graduated in painting at Accademia di Brera [Brera Academy], Maria Teresa Gavazzi has furthered her studies with degrees in both iron casting at the Art Institute of Chicago and photojournalism at London College of Communication in London. Her practice embraces painting, drawing, collage, photography, video, installation, performance and interactive projects. Gavazzi investigates rituals and passion of current society, reinterpreting each of its stereotypes in order to recreate moments often lucid yet fuelled with humour. Her portraits are the result of an interactive trajectory between the artist and the subject who poses. The artist proposes a theme with the use of symbols and masks which manage to compose a different portrait of oneself in which one can speculate about selfhood and the ambiguity of genders. The vast variety of tools and places engaged in the process, from galleries to studios, public spaces, streets and underground parking lots, confronts, each and every time, diverse public realities. She lives and works in London.