Luminiţa Țăranu

Nato/a a: Lugoj, Romania
Residente a: Porzio Catone (ROMA) Italia
Tecnica: pittura
Website / Blog:

Born in Lugoj, Romania in 1960,  Luminiţa Țăranu graduated at the Fine Art Academy of Bucharest in 1993.

When she first moved to Italy in 1987 to live and work, she was also prized the “Borsa Nazionale dell’Unione degli Artisti Plastici della Romania,” a bursary aimed to fund Romanian artists for their practice. Catone defines her work as “the reflection of a path that’s like the movement going through space and time within a dialectical and evolutionary transformation. The main idea behind this entire trajectory is the “metamorphosis,” its “mutation” and eventually its most poetic moment “the metaphor.” This finds artistic expression in graphic (drawing, lithography, etching, silk-screen printing) and pictorial forms as well as digital, material and performative installations.

Beyond the discovery of thought and idea becoming a plastic take, the artist has always found fundamental the material research and its correct technical support. Within the classical dichotomy of content and form she has always tried to experiment, eventually achieving rigorous ways of expressing her message. Her work, both based on research and exposition, is structured in themes serially-developed. Throughout the years she has held many personal and group exhibitions in public and private spaces, museums and galleries both in Italy and abroad.