Loredana Denicola

Nato/a a: Puglia
Residente a: London
Website / Blog: http://www.loredanadenicola.com

Loredana Denicola is a documentary photographer who lives in London. She uses photography as a tool for her personal evolution which began with the discovery of her ‘psychological structure’, and then comprehension and self – destruction, using her artistic work as a powerful means of self-analysis, creating dialogues between herself and others. “I am your mirror” photography project clearly represents this process in which, establishing an intimate connection with strangers found on Internet, Loredana employs Photography as a mirror to reveal some of repressing feelings of both parts involved (the stranger & photographer), freeing ourselves, temporarily, of automatic behaviors that from habituation we play to protect ourselves, acting roles in life, that are not part of us, only  to be accepted from Society. The result? An attack to the Identity’s concept. With photography we can unlock doors but we can also disturb ourselves, as when we look in a mirror. Do we like what we see? Who are we?