La Musa e gli Artisti

Nato/a a: Modena
Residente a: Modena
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In the work “The Muse and the artists”, two well-established contemporary painters create various works, all connected by the hints and suggestions provided by a young and politically incorrect muse. The muse always has the last word on the destiny of the completed works, which is to say that the works will become of public domain only if what the artists have realized satisfy the muse. Otherwise, the artists will have to destroy the works in front of her eyes, and no memory will remain about them. Hence why, of 10 works realized by the group in the last nine years, 9 have been completely lost. The identity of the three protagonists will be revealed only when the project will end because, appropriating the quote by Oscar Wilde, “The Muse and the artists” believe that “to reveal art and hide the artists is the ultimate end in art”.