Kyrahm e Julius Kaiser

Nato/a a: Roma Italia e Raleigh, USA
Residente a: Roma, Italia
Website / Blog:

Kyrahm is one of the most recognised figures of live art in Italy. She’s a conceptual artist, a video artist, body artist and international performer. She elaborates emotionally-charged performances in which everything that happens is real. She creates innovative concepts and moves between contemporary art and communication. Julius Kaiser is a videomaker, drag king and performance artist. Her own artistic research originates from experimenting and investigating social gender roles as to propose a more fluid vision which respects philosophical Queer theories. Meeting with Kyrahm gave Kaiser’s philosophical contents artistic expression through experimental performances which gained attention all over the world. Kaiser works also as a videomaker and workshops organiser. Kyrahm and Kaiser both operate in the underground scene and the contemporary art world in galleries, museums and international festivals. Together, they organise seminars and events and gave birth to the Italian artistic movement Human Installations.