Fagarazzi Zufellato [Andrea Fagarazzi e I-Chen Zuffellato]

Nato/a a: Vicenza, Italy / Taiwan
Residente a: Vicenza, Italia
Tecnica: performance, danza contemporanea
Website / Blog: http://www.fagarazzizuffellato.com

Andrea Fagarazzi and I-Chen Zuffellato are two independent film-makers and performers collaborating since 2005. Since first meeting, they’ve started projects in which they explore corporal concepts involving different expressive languages such as performance and visual arts. This is done so as to investigate fractures of society and diversity in relation to otherness in identity. With their performances, they question the performative act, its ways and the relation it establishes with the public. In 2007 they won the 3rd EXTRA prize with their performance “lo Lusso” for “having tackled society’s imagery of seductions and contradictions sabotaging its codes through body language.” ‘Enimirc’ (2009-2010) is a performance which, through a process of deconstruction of crime, puts the relationship between performer and spectator on the brink. ‘Kitchen of the Future’ (2012) involves 50 people coming from a community in psycho-social rehabilitation in Arzignano. The ‘Bouiti, Douadi, Mustapha’project is staged with three guests coming from hostels for homeless people. With the installation ‘Bet On Utopia’ they have received a special mention at the Independents/ArtVerona 2014. Their productions are known both nationally and internationally.