Eyes Wild Drag

Residente a: Roma, Italia
Website / Blog: http://www.eyeswilddrag.it

Eyes Wild Drag is a queer-gender-drag group based in Rome that has worked for several years experimenting with genders, roles and erotic imaginary which represent the main forms of expression employed by women in Italy.

Attivist* queer, they curate workshops and drag events (standing on the thin line between harrowing absurdity and magic poetry), they rediscover and redraw the imaginary feminine queer and they organise Genderotica, an international festival of queer art. In 2012 they travelled around the world for exhibiting their work in different European cities and US states.

In 2013 they were guests of Arte Fiera di Verona, the biggest art fair of Verona, in the space curated by association Cuntemporary. In 2013, they organised the most activist and international edition of GendErotica, bringing for the first time within the Italian queer community the concept of Fem. In the same occasion, they established the first Italian (and European) Fem Conference with the help and contribution of many activists and teachers coming from around the world. They’ve currently been working on the new GendErotica.