exVUOTO Teatro [Antonia Bertagnon, Andrea Dellai, Tommaso Franchin]

Residente a: Monticello Conte Otto, Italia
Tecnica: teatro, performance
Website / Blog: https://www.facebook.com/exvUotoTeatro

At the epicentre of exvUoto theathre’s enquiry one can find the attempt to understand and acknowledge the sense of void and/or emptying felt by the contemporary human being, perhaps not anymore alienated but rather inured and anaesthetised. exvUoto theatre starts from the void as to seek the origins of feeling and living.

We alternate working in the theatre (physical and vocal training) to rehearsing at the table texts written by ourselves. We look around ourselves, we “waste time” chasing ineffable sensation that we try to translate into words and then images or vice versa. We work on symbols and metaphors. We return the gaze of the others. We work on the streets, defenceless. We work in a window-shop, rehearsing our spectacle in a decaying shop in front of passer-by’s. Mocking audience and intimate pornography. Even though we are dressed. We work on immobility. We employ a lot of music to hide our breaths, then we stop it suddenly to hear how they sound, or how our articulations do.