Ex Cinema Astra Luca Pucci e Emanuele De Donno

Nato/a a: Assisi, Italia
Residente a: Foligno, Italia

Ex Cinema Astra is a project nurtured by the collaboration between the ideas of Luca Pucci and the curation of Emanuele De Donno and consists of a contemporary art project-room organised by Viandustriae in collaboration with Sovversioni non sospette slr. The Cinema Astra had been for many years the red-light cinema in the city of Foligno, Italy. Since its closure, it has been converted into a cultural centre and library while keeping its structural aspect. Our idea is simply one that attempts to develop a calendar of events in which both local identities (past and present) can coexist. For this reason, all projects are centred on duality, on the double of this space, which is at once both pornographic and cultural.