Elisa Giuliano

Nato/a a: Sicilia, Italia
Residente a: Tornio, Italia
Tecnica: fotografia
Website / Blog: http://www.elisagiuliano.wix.com/asile

With her English-titled project “Families of Choice,” Elisa Giuliano tries to explain the ever-increasingly cohabitations between couples of different nationalities. Asking herself what the family term meant nowadays, Giuliano asserts that Italy is a discriminatory country in which the idea “of the diverse” is still currently rooted within the average citizen’s views. Although the traditional concept of Roman-Catholic family is disappearing, Italy doesn’t seem ready to accept that two diverse individuals could be considered constituent of the same family – an opinion that grows even more critical when considering two same-sex individuals. Due to these prejudices many, still today, fight for their rights to be recognised. Thus, “Families of Choice” aims to show existing realities, families that aren’t recognised by the Italian State although existing in their daily life as such. It is a project revolving around all of those whose union is not legally recognised by Italy yet.