CINZIO (fabrizio) Batuello

Nato/a a: Livorno, Italia
Residente a: Livorno, Italia
Tecnica: performance, pittura, arte pubblica
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Culture jamming is a contemporaneous practice that reflects on and critiques the invasion of information created by mass media in the construction of one’s mind’s imaginary. Culture jamming is a practice that deconstructs texts and images created by the media industry through estrangement and “dètournement,”- the displacement of images and objects from their habitual space to a different semantic context, where their meaning is made different if not overturned. Usually, the result is the transmission of radical-critique messages on the economic system that happens through the twisting of its ideological-advertising apparatus in attempt to free the individual of its passive receptive role and lead them to a critical and aware consumption of the media language. The use of masking and the ironic gestures of culture jamming are the characteristics of my work.

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Culture Jamming / 2001-2011