Chiara Trivelli

Nato/a a: Terni, Italia
Residente a: Venezia, Itaia
Tecnica: Video, Performance, Disegno
Website / Blog:

My artistic practice starts out from the assumption that art may be understood as a direct intervention on cultural transmission processes. It concerns public spaces, disappearing communities and forgotten places. My work concerns the questioning of identities and languages.

It is not an individual work, but based on a participatory approach, it treats the immaterial.

Memory, environment, marginality and social transformation. Activating a sharing process forces us to set aside our own egos, and this is the hard part of the work I do. Expounding a relational critique thus becomes something intrinsically artistic, a process of collective growth.

I try to tell the real stories I collectively compose through videos, installations, audio works and performances. After adopting a different point of view than the fact, I develop site-specific methods to rewrite contexts.