Elena Giovagnoli [Andy Gio]

Nato/a a: Perugia, Italia
Residente a: Bologna, Italia
Tecnica: performance
Website / Blog: http://www.andygio.blogspot.it

Andy Gio’s work is an exploration of her own body investigating a specific gender – the feminine one. Starting from this, Andy attempts to question and discuss gender identity through provocation, doubt, the void, banality, pain and last but not least, auto-irony. Andy Gio began her artistic career very young when she’s joined experimental theatre and she’s worked with different theatre companies in Italy, one of which being the Teatro delle Albe [theatre of dawns]. From 2008 to 2011 she was the frontwoman of punk-rock-sdrumm group “Tette Biscottate.” During this period, for two years, she moved to Berlin and worked at the Volksbühne Theatre and with the Dokumentar Theatre company. Lately, she’s been developing performance as the kind of form of art that reunites music with theatre, her biggest passions since a child. According to Andy Gio, the body (as in mind and body) is the most important thing and even though she had a few incidents and a few scars, Andy still practices agonistic sports and still rides her bike.