A project that seeks to archive inevitably generates questions about the methods of archiving.


An archive is a risky tool from both a historical and political perspective: history (including art history) has been written through archiving processes conducted by those who have the power and the authority to do so. The processes of inclusion or exclusion have led to a canonised, strictly linear, white and fundamentally patriarchal system.

Instead, AQI intends to utilise the system of archiving as a critical strategy, in order to provoke and destabilise its traditional form. The potential of an archive is therefore actualised by becoming a dynamic platform, sparking dialogues and raising further questions and reflections through live events, projects, collaborations and open calls.

AQI intends to bridge diverse realities by strengthening the communication between the fields of art, theory and activism. Queer itself was developed between academia and activism, by putting in dialogue theory, politics, lived experience and creative practice. In order to create a fertile ground for future conversations, inspirations and collaborations, the archive aims to draw together a multiplicity of subjectivities and organisations interested in exploring the multiple intersections of queer and feminisms.

The Art Archive

The Art Archive gives visibility to artists via an online profile with images, statements information and links to specific projects. Access to the archive is open to whoever wishes to contribute in a critical, (de)constructive and/or relational way; and to those who want to explore queer and feminist curatorial and artistic practices, and how they relate to the Italian context.

The archive can be explored in alphabetical order or through the use of tags that describe artistic and conceptual themes.

The Theory Archive

The Theory Archive aims to become a useful tool for students, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring queer and feminist texts. This section provides visibility to a growing number of authors from Italy and its diaspora. The titles deal with a variety of themes (e.g. gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, age) and their intersections.

The archive can be navigated by filtering the list of tabs that describe the theoretical themes of the texts. Alternatively, the archive is organised in alphabetical order by the author’s surname, or in order of date of publication.

The Activism Archive

The Activism Archive consists of an interactive map of collectives, organisations, social centres and university departments that deal with feminisms and/or queer. This section calls for a dialogue between the different regions of Italy and aims to be an easy-to-use informative tool that is available to whoever wishes to discover and/or become involved in local queer and feminist activities.

The Activism Archive has been compiled thanks to collaborations with activists from across every region of Italy. AQI continues to look for new contacts and references in different Italian regions and therefore invites any groups or individuals who would like to assist in this mapping of queer and feminist Italy to contribute.


AQI operates on the basis of a continuous open call for work, information and collaboration. If you are an artist, writer, activist, collective or organisation and you would like to share your work with us, please visit our contact page.